TCS phase 1

TCS phase 1 is a multi-brand loyalty program rewarding participants for buying environmentally friendly products

Loyalty programs are alive and well but need to freshen up

  • Addressable market ≈ $B200 globally/year
  • 87% of shoppers reported that they want brands to have loyalty programs
  • 64% of brands reported an increase in loyalty memberships in the past year alone
  • 54% of consumers say that they would consider doing more business with a company for loyalty rewards
  • 46% said that they have already increased the amount of business with a company because it offered loyalty rewards

Digital currencies are about to disrupt our payment systems

Digital currencies have three USP compared to fiat currencies:

  • They can be programmed
  • They enable instantaneous and low-cost micropayments, which enables the internet of things
  • They can be dedicated to a usage and convey thus an information.

There could be four types of digital currencies:

  • 1) Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin
  • 2) CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies) such as the digital Yuan which China launched in April 2020
  • 3) Corporate coins such as loyalty points: this is where TCS phase 1 comes in
  • 4) Governmental coins such as tax dedicated coins: this is where TCS phase 2 comes in

1 product = 1 environmental information package = 1 payment

An Environmental Friendliness Index (EFI) is calculated for each product

A product EFI informs consumers on how eco-friendly a product is compared to other products of the same category, based on four criteria:

  • Ingredient mass
  • Distance between country of production and country of sale
  • CO2 emissions caused by production
  • Production mode (organic vs. non organic)

EFI aims at being the ultimate seal of environmental friendliness for consumer goods by:

  • evaluating relevant data from independent sources
  • comparing products within the same category
  • displaying information on a dedicated blockchain

Buying a product with an EFI below category average will trigger a payment in “green points”

  • Green points are a digital currency
  • TCS phase 1 uses a digital currency to inform and reward consumers on environmental friendliness
  • TCS phase 1 introduces the concept of an eco-friendly loyalty program
  • TCS phase 1 unites a loyalty program with an information application on environmental friendliness of consumer goods

Consumer journey

A survey conducted in May 2020 in six European countries with 1063 participants showed the strong interest for TCS phase 1 concept