Common is a green loyalty system informing and rewarding users for their eco-friendly practices

Climate change is caused by our inability to integrate long term consequences into our short term decisions

  • Most people would like to do something for the environment in their everyday life but lack the information and incentive to do so
  • Common fills the gap between short term and long term by providing incentives and information to our users
  • Green coins are allocated to users when they behave in an eco-friendly manner

If it’s good for the environment and we can measure it, then it can be part of Common

  • We cut to the chase: we pay our users for behaving in an environmentally-friendly way
  • Users are informed about where and how to get green coins
  • Green coin allocation takes place per district and activity

Common = information + reward on environmental friendliness

Common is built in modules corresponding to activities leading to green coin allocation

The following modules will be implemented progressively:

  • Cycling
  • Shopping
  • Urban transportation
  • Energy consumption
  • Travel

Each module has its own green coin allocation scheme

Example for the cycling module: green coin allocation is determined by the following formula: (district density)/(national density) green coin(s) / km

For example in Versailles, France:

  • District density: 3260 inhabitants/km2
  • Population density in France: 105,16 inhabitants/km2
  • When cycling in Versailles you would thus get: 3260/105,18 ≈ 31 green coins per km

Example for the shopping module:

  • In the first phase of Common, users are rewarded for shopping at eco-friendly shops with a simple allocation key, for example 1€ spent = 1 green coin
  • In a later stage, the carbon footprint of products will be evaluated and green coins will be allocated on a per product basis according to their “carbon footprint index” (CFI)
  • The lower the CFI, the higher the reward in green coins

Common makes a clever use of gamification as well as digital currency and ledger features

Common is built on essential gamification features

  • A noble cause: Common is about rewarding users for behaving in an eco-friendly manner
  • Users are rewarded: Green coins are loyalty points which can be used to pay for goods and services at our sponsors
  • Green coins are scarce and hard to get: a limited amount of green coins are emitted every day and green coins can only be obtained; they cannot be bought

Common makes use of a digital currency and a digital ledger to create transparency and trust

  • Green coins are a digital currency managed on a digital ledger and backed by a collateral
  • A public persmissioned blockchain is used to manage green coin emission, allocation and spending
  • Trust is to be built every step of the way: when informing users on how to get green coins, when allocating green coins and when green coins are spent

What role do sponsors play?

  • Sponsor pledge a daily amount of green coin emission over periods of thirty days for a specific module, in a specific district
  • Sponsors ensure that they accept green coins as a means of payment
  • Sponsors must make offers to users to spend their green coins

The collateral system

  • Green coins have all the same face value, for example 1 euro cent in Germany
  • Every single green coin is backed by a collateral
  • Sponsors lock a collateral corresponding to the number of emitted green coins x their face value and get it back either when green coins haven’t been allocated or when they are spent at their store/on their website

What’s in it for sponsors?

  • Advertisement: we highlight the sponsor role in every district in which they subsidize green coin emission
  • Image: we held our sponsor acquire an environmentally friendy image by endorsing us
  • Customer acquisition: green coins can only be spent at sponsors so these will get new customers thanks to Common

What’s in it for users?

  • Users are informed through the app about how to get green coins (through modules), in which districts green coins are available and how green coins can be spent (at sponsors)
  • Green coins can be spent at every participating sponsor
  • As sponsors are put in competition to attract green coin spending, users can choose amongst a variety of great offers for spending their hard earned green coins